“I believe that the key to success lies in knowing how to both strive for a lot and fail well. By failing well, I mean being able to experience painful failures that provide big learnings without failing badly enough to get knocked out of the game.” Xii, Principals

“The first time in front..hearing my own music it’s like I want to do this. If you’re really going to succeed there’s no other way but by doing, making mistakes, and then learning from those mistakes and moving on. If you take the time and learn it, I promise you it will serve you well.” ~~

“It’s super important you know. A lot of people a lot guys get stumped because yeah they want to create a brand, yeah they can create great designs, but when it comes to the business side, one failure they’re done. That scared them. No one can teach you to be a business person because It’s always changing. You always have to adapt. I was so passion about this I’d figure it out. The creativity would always be there. Even little progress. I was addicted to that. I wanted to feel a little bit more a little bit. Once you get to another level it opens doors to another level. “ Dan Flechman

"You gotta celebrate your failures and your success you know because there’s a lesson to be learned in everything. When you have a great success, a good exit, you sell a company or whatever it may be you celebrate because it’s a good milestone in life. And then when you lose something bad happens hey it’s an expensive lesson learned you still celebrate it. Because If you take it with a negative notation that’s just gonna keep eating you inside and it’s going to limit your upside. " Manny Coachman

"First of all quit lying to yourself. You haven’t tried everything. So very dangerous words we use are everything, nothing, everybody, nobody, always, never. I’ve tried everything typically means I tried 3 things and over about 5 days and it didn’t work. And so get up and get back in the ring. Number you know shut up get back to work you’re going to be ok but you didn’t try everything."

“..doing something new for the first time is painful because you’re wandering in uncertain territory and high odds are you will fail. So you just have to get very comfortable with frequent small failures.”

“What happens after we crash is important. Successful people change in ways that allow them to continue to take advantage of their strengths while compensating for their weaknesses and unsuccessful people don’t.” 37, principals

“You’ve only got three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it all you got.” ~~ “Over the years that followed, I found that most of the extraordinarily successful people I’ve met had similar big painful failures that taught them the lessons that ultimately helped them succeed.” 37, principals “I saw that to do exceptionally well you have to push your limits and that, if you push your limits, you will crash and it will hurt a lot. You will think you have failed—but that won’t be true unless you give up. Believe it or not, your pain will fade and you will have many opportunities ahead of you, though you might see them at the time. The most important thing you can do is to gather the lessons these failures provide and gain humility and radical open-mindedness in order to increase your chances of success. Then you press on.” 37, p

“My best successes all came on the heels of failure.”

“Failure & innovation are kissing cousins.” - Barbara Corcoran

Reward efforts more than results

Failing well

Took less time to feel sorry for self

If you can take a hit and keep coming you’ll end up on the finish line

Great at failure, no failure bone in body

“Failure is like kale good for you”

“The entire time everybody told me know. But you know what that means? You’ve come up with something brand new. Take it as a compliment.” Sarah Blakely

”..The truth is I just didn’t quit. Did I want to q” guy on the internet

“I did not fail 1,014 times. I successfully found out what did not work 1,014 times.” Thomas Edison

“The other thing you have to know is success is buried on the other side of failure. Buried on the other side of frustration. Other side of conflict. And so you have to see this as part of the natural evolution.” - Tony Robbins

"You have power you can sit down, you can code something. You can try it. It doesn't matter to you whether someone thinks it's a good idea or not because you have the power to go put that online. And see whether it resonates and connects with people. Stay focus on the stuff that you're providing to your users. You're going to make a ton of mistakes. It doesn't matter. You don't get judged by the mistakes. people don't remember those years from now . They remember the things you did that were good. " - Mark Zuckerberg

“There’s always going to have to be an element of luck but I think more important is putting yourself in a business that can be ubiquitous. That can really doesn’t have limits because otherwise, there’s always going to be a grind to it but if the business if it can’t be something that you can visualize every business using or every consumer using it’s going to be tough to scale to be big enough or to have the perceived value to get you to that billionaire club.” - Mark Cuban

“So how do you start a business with no money under the worst conditions that your backer doesn’t want to give you a dime. What do you do? Get ready for a lot of rejection and at the same exact time, do the things others don’t want to do. Do what’s necessary. Do what it takes. No matter what it is. And try not to hurt anybody along the way.” John Paul Dejoria

“To punish failure is yet another way to encourage mediocrity because mediocrity is was fearful people will always settle for.” Michale Eisner